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  • No Pooping on My Smart Lawn - Show 95
  • In this Weeks Show - Waxing Nostalgic with 20 Years of TechtalkRadio, What were the first computers we used? Was there a benefit from learning the early days of Dos and Windows 3.1? Adventures were different when it came to gaming, Text Adventures - All it required was an imagination, no intense graphics cards required. Are they making a comeback? Justin finds a great incentive to get his infant to crawl. All it took was a little technology. Backing up your photos or Videos, Where is a good place to save and store your photos? Google Photos receives some props from Justin.
  • Looking to travel? Some ideas for booking your trip and how to avoid site cache locking you into higher rates. The Eclipse Path of Totality is discussed with not only securing a Hotel but also adding a great lens from Why not drop $2200 on a Solar Protected lens to capture the moment. Facebook Location tracking can be a bit creepy when you can't expect it. Is Facebook too much Drama in your live? How can a user turn off Autoplay on Facebook for Video Content on your mobile device? We answer this question. As a reminder after a large update to your app, make sure you always check the security sections of that App. Which is the biggest battery hog on your Device?
  • Justin takes a look at the Racio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Automated sprinkling, watering for your yards can be managed to save money. The Smart controller can replace your current system and programmed and administered from your smart phone. During the Show, Justin is a bit distracted and turns out, a guy is letting his dog take care of business on his lawn. This gives Justin a great way to test out the Racio Smart Lawn System.
  • Ink Jet Printers, Should they be turned off after use? What's better for the Print Heads? Canon announces the new Selphy Mobile Printer. Western Digital inrtroduces a great product for the Photographer featuring backup storage and is wireless and battery powered. A New Text adventure using Wikipedia -
  • and Justin shares the Website of The Week Open Source Planetarium for your computer. Great for the Kids. Find more at TechtalkRadio.Com - Check out the Audio at and Subscribe!

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  • In this Weeks Segment - Power Protection
  • KMSB Fox 11 Daybreak Tech Segment - In this weeks segment we look at products from APC for helping to protect your devices and systems
  • If there is a power outage at home, that usually means the Router and Modem have also shut down. Protect your Network and keep your connections possibly working in a power outage
  • From 07/14/2017
  • Check out the Segment from FOX 11 KMSB Daybreak with TechtalkRadio's Andy Taylor

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