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  • Where Do I Stick The Pen? 105
  • In this Weeks Show, Listener Roberta wants to know about securing your PC when at work and should she be concerned her computer was logged in. Passwords and the IT Manager, Do they know your password? Should they? Should you always trust your IT guy with your personal technology? Data Recovery, What's involved with the Process and finding the correct Tech Person to trust your data too.
  • Justin decides to throw Andy during the show and introduces his Justin Bobble head. The guy talks about and the different options for creating your own bobble head. Andy's favorite is the Penholder! Where Do I Stick the Pen!? Justin shares some frustrations with Technology and changing standards with companies building on technology however not supporting previous builds. Picking the correct Antenna and a website to help chose the proper over the air antenna. The CTA and NAB offer some info on this at
  • Why has your iPhone S Plus Seemed to have slowed down? How does Andy feel about the Google Pixel 2 XL. Would you rather you a slow computer every day for a week or spend a night in Jail? Gift Idea book Computers for seniors from Chris and Carrie Ewin. Justin talks Memory manipulation similar to Total Recall - Andy feels this is good if they can come up with a way to combat Alzheimer’s.
  • Apple offers to help the FBI unlock a phone yet FBI says Apple is not offering a hand. Is there software and hardware available for getting into a machine or Smartphone? Andy talks about Elcomsoft which offers tools for Digital Forensics. Justin and Andy talk about Bitcoin and a recent drop in Bitcoin value.
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  • In this Weeks Segment - Google Pixel 2 XL
  • KMSB Fox 11 Daybreak Tech Segment - In this Weeks Segment, Andy Taylor shares with Andrew Capasso some old tech coming back, The Vinyl Record. With so many artist now also making their albums available on Vinyl along with a Digital Download, Crosley is a company that has been producing Turntables and other audio gear. We feature the 3 Speed Turntable with Bluetooth.
  • Also, the smartphone war rages on and Andy is taking sides with the Google Pixel 2 XL, so much to love about this smart phone sent to TechtalkRadio for Testing from Verizon Wireless. Fast, Pretty, Water Resistant and takes great photos!
  • From 11/13/2017
  • Check out the Segment from FOX 11 KMSB Daybreak with TechtalkRadio's Andy Taylor

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