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  • Episode 220 – Give Me a Hammer, I'll fix that!
  • In this Weeks Show, Justin decides to give Darkness429 Madrinas Coffee a try and gets hooked. In the past coding and gaming was aided by Jolt Cola and now special brews from companies such as Madrinas and Black Rifle have made the coffee drink a new alternative. Gaming and Fortnite are discussed. Questions for this weeks show included How to handle a hard drive in a system being given to charity. Should the drive be destroyed? Listener Mike gets a Drive Caddy to copy data over from an old drive but runs into an issue. Andy gives another recommendation for products from KingWin. Justin gives us a solution for destroying a hard drive.
  • Terry in Davenport wants to know if Justin is still using his Drone? Some thoughts on today's drones and things to consider before getting one. Are Drones here to stay? Nick in Denver wants to know an alternative to Vivent for home security. Options are available for those wanting a DIY Solution from home monitoring. The question of what to do with Original Packaging for products such as TV's after a video posted to the Techtalkers Page on Facebook shows the problems with moving without packaging.
  • Justin decides to get rid of the Open Source Home Assistant and looks at other options. He shares his reasons for the problems he's encountered with the Linux solution. We talk about Samsung Smart Things, Hubitat or Wink. A Horrifying gift, nothing like sending a molded version of you to a loved one. Available from a company called Swigro they make a 3D Lifesize version of yourself. Andy shares a story of him working in the Movieland Wax Museum. Robotic protection from Boston Dynamics and its plans on offering next year the Spot Mini Dog. While the technology can seem a bit scary there can be positives to this.
  • Website of the week is http://www.NCASE.ME/Door for a fun quick little keyboard game.
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  • In this Weeks Segment - Fast Scanning with Epson
  • KMSB Fox 11 Daybreak Tech Segment - Photos…Photo and more photos. While the Digital age has made it easy for us to take photos, crop, edit and share – The question of what to do with all those color and black and white photos from over the years has been either to pick up a flatbed scanner and scan each photo, label and sort into proper moments or send them to a facility for bulk scanning!
  • The scanning services from companies such as Scan My Photos are fantastic and of course can take the headache out of scanning.
  • Epson has recently introduced an excellent machine for the Do It Yourselfer and can scan bulk photos, categorize with minimal input and even color/BW correct for the best possible reproduction. The Epson FastFoto FF-640 is amazingly fast with great results. The Scanner can scan the photos to the PC and then those can be saved to a backup, shared to facebook or emailed to relatives. To scan, the pictures are organized by size and then either scanned for fastest results to 300 DPI or 600DPI (requiring just a little more processing time). Priced at just under $700 this is a great solution to organize and preserve those photos. Small photos can also be scanned using a special sheet.
  • Epson FastFoto FF-640
  • From 05/2018
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