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  • In this Weeks Show with Black Friday out of the Way, Retailers hope for a successful Cyber Monday. The guys talk about how Black Friday deals are extended to those in line which in some cases has those extending capitalism to its finest by selling the Black Friday Pledges to others in line. Andy vents at Nintendo on making enough product for people to purchase during the holidays. Justin talks about some of the venting happening at EA with the title Star Wars Battlefield II due to it's unlocking of characters with micro transactions. After a phone call from Disney which owns the Star Wars Rights to EA, the Micro transactions were suspended. Andy has no idea why he gives Microsoft 10 bucks a month and Justin lets Andy know he didn't have to!
  • More Bitcoin info as Justin jumps to Ethereum and saw some success. A Quick explanation on Alt Coins and about a facebook group called the The CryptoCoin Trader. Just shares info on his first trade and why he thought he lost his money!
  • Jeff Joseph of the Consumer Technology Association visits the show to talk about the upcoming CES Show coming up in January. Trends and Gadgets are discussed as Jeff confirms that technology is continuing to progress. Jeff talks about autonomous vehicles and how they were introduced originally at CES in past years. Jeff talks about the Annual Purchase Study for the Holiday Season. One of the most desired items this year is the 4K UHD Television. Drones, Virtual Reality, Smart Speakers/Home Assistants also complete the list. The Home Robotic Vacuum has become one of the sought after items as gifts for the holiday's, a first time making its way to the list. Many new items are on the market for youth learning all about IT and building with the Raspberry Pi. Jeff shares info on the Eureka Park for startups at CES and how 800 different vendors are planning to demonstrate and raise funds for marketing and development during this years show.
  • Andy talks about a product called NetReset which resets the Modem on a scheduled basis. Bill Gates invest in Arizona with a purchase to make a Smart City. Andy wonders though that a Smart City would outdate itself quickly. Another alternate to TV with a Network from the BBC called Britbox for a Subscription fee, another that is free is PlutoTV which offers many program choices.
  • This Weeks Website of the Week is is a social media platform which provides content producers incentives to post. Have a Question for the Show? Visit our Contact Page and Submit Your Question

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  • In this Weeks Segment - Linksys EA9300
  • KMSB Fox 11 Daybreak Tech Segment - In this Weeks Segment, With all of the Sales this past week to entice consumers in to spend money at retail stores, Data was revealed in which 40% of Shoppers admit they are usually purchasing items for themselves! If those consumers were in the market for a TV, There has never been a better time to Purchase a 4K Television and many deals are available with price points comparable to 1080p TV’s sold a few years ago.
  • There are a couple of things to consider when purchasing a new 4k Capable TV’s. Bandwidth is one of them. Big Screen, Higher Resolution also means higher traffic in data for connected services like 4K Netflix, Apple TV or Amazon Prime. Tagging this onto a Network needs a faster data pipe and this may also be the time to upgrade the Router. We will show one of the latest, the Linksys MU MIMO 4000 EA9300 This Tri-Band Router with a 1.8Ghz Quad Core Processor uses MU-MIMO technology to push more Data and utilizes the multiple radio channels to bring them all together also allowing more hookups to the network.
  • Linksys EA9300 MU-MIMO SRP 299.00
  • Want to watch 4K Content? While some DVD players may Up sample, a True 4K connected Player can let you Experience the full 4X Resolution of 1080p with 4K UHD Content. What’s the difference between the Lower Priced Deck and This? I can explain!
  • Sony UBP-X800 SRP 299.00
  • Also, Can’t hurt to make sure you replace that Older Standard HDMI Cable with a Newer Gold Connector that can work with the higher Bandwidth requirements! (Lots of Controversy on this one)
  • From 11/27/2017
  • Check out the Segment from FOX 11 KMSB Daybreak with TechtalkRadio's Andy Taylor

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