About Justin Lemme

Photo of Justin Lemme from TechtalkRadio.Com

Justin Lemme joined TechtalkRadio in 2002 during the KTKT years, but then left to serve his country in the United States Navy in October of 2003.

Stationed in Japan for four years as an Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Petty Officer, Justin was responsible for maintaining Top Secret communications for the Admiral of the US 7th Fleet aboard the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19).

After four and a half years, Justin separated from the service with an Honorable Discharge and joined the Navy Reserves for three more years. Justin worked as a government contractor for a year before moving on to try something completely different, working as a BMW Car Salesman! Two months later, Justin was back in the IT world after realizing the sales world just wasn’t his style.

Justin now works for a Broadcast Media Group in Denver Colorado as a Broadcast Engineer / IT. Justin is married to his beautiful wife Misa, whom he met in Japan while in the Navy. Justin enjoys playing all types of video games in his spare time, as well as read about the latest technology on the “Internets”. Memes are also a fun part of Justin’s spare time. Justin also enjoys camping, television, baseball and football.